World Mental Health Day - and the biggest error we are making about mental health!

Today, as the world celebrates #MentalHealthDay, let us look at a fundamental error that we humans have been making about mental health. 

What are the first words that come to your mind when someone talks about mental health - depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, ... ?

Why are all these words related to pathological disorders - why not something positive? Do you know what the positive words related to mental health are?

Have you heard about - Happiness, Flow, Self-actualization?

Did you figure out the error we intend to highlight? It is the complete absence of discussion about mental health for normal people. We need to broaden the way we see mental health.

So far, mental health is something we worry about only when we are forced to - due to a problem. Whereas it is something we should consistently care about - because it impacts our lives - every single day, hour, minute, and second of our life!

On this #WorldMentalHealthDay, let's help spread awareness about the importance of mental health for normal healthy people. * Please like and share this message as much as you can! *

With some effort we can significantly improve the levels of wellness we, and the people around us - the people we love, experience in life. We can get rid of stress and anxiety that bother us on a day to day basis and lead to fatal illnesses. We can find the true meaning of our lives and achieve Real Happiness!

We at the Real Happiness Center have designed a proprietary approach that can set you on your journey to Real Happiness! To know more, message us now!

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